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14 April 2015

The Double Denim Dilemma

By Sarina Wall of

I’m going to start this post by setting the bar on double denim appropriately high: it’s freakin’ hard to do well, so it’s understandable if you’re debating whether to even give it a go. But I say there’s no dilemma; you can wear double denim well!  Just consider these tips.

If you are new to double denim (let’s call it DD for short), do yourself a favour and start with what’s easiest. Try pairing dark jeans with a lighter shirt or jacket. The contrast in shades diverts attention away from the fact that you are wearing a whole outfit made up of the same fabric, and is the easiest way to get comfortable doing DD.

One huge mistake you can make when wearing DD is choosing a shirt or accessories that have too much going on. The best way to pull off DD is to pair it up with simple basics. Try a white tee, nude pumps and a neutral clutch. Keep it simple and you won’t go wrong.

So, you’ve tried a few different DD outfits, have built some confidence and are now ready to try something a bit more daring. Try a denim playsuit  or two-piece. Keeping accessories basic is still an essential part of getting this right, especially as you’re just starting out with monochromatic DD. These looks are super fashion-forward and stand out from all the denim outfits here, there and everywhere. And once pulling off full on DD feels natural and effortless to you, who knows what magic you’ll work with bold accessories!

4. SAME SAME (But different)
This is an important guideline: If you are going to wear DD shades that are the same, the key is to steer clear of the 80's mid-blue or acid washes. Ideal hues that work for this look are dark denims that have slightly differing tones throughout.

It doesn't seem so hard to master now, does it? Start with these guidelines and soon, DD will be yours to own and love.


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