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17 December 2012

Introducing our Sydney Reporter: Lucy Pilz

What a year it's been for the StyleZilla team and our ever growing fashion, beauty and lifestyle bandits. Coming to the new year and after a long search we (finally) met Lucy Pilz, a beauty bandit with a blog of her own;, this Sydney-sider's passion is writing, beauty, French macarons and sunscreen.

So we got Lucy to tell us a little bit about herself. Get to know our newest go-to-gal...

About me?

Hi my name is Lucy and I’m a Pisces, thus, a day dreamer, and have a very idyllic view of the world. I was born and raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, with a stint spent studying in Austria. I’ve a passion for beauty, writing, Social Media and good food and wine, and I sadly, have a knack for not being able to find the ‘right man’ (serious sad face).

About my Blog?

Love Luc is a Beauty + Lifestyle blog that I started at the end of 2011 as a means of satisfying my love of writing, beauty and proving to my Austrian Writing Teacher, that I could be a writer.

10 Random facts:

1. I experienced a WWII bomb being detonated in 2011 (when I lived in Graz). It was one of the most horrifying noises I have ever experienced

2. I’m directionally challenged: I even get lost with a GPS

3. I have a small obsession with: French Macarons + Champagne + Accents (serious Francophile here!), Palm Beach Collection Candles, Wedged Heels, Hydrangeas and Lace underwear.

4. I like to think I am a gym bunny but, I am actually severely unfit and in need of a health kick (up the butt)

5. I once got chased by a Stingray in shallow waters (true story)

6. I actually like One Direction: should I be admitting that?

7. I am a terrible Cook

8. Don't judge me, but, when I was little, I used to love the musty smell of drains after the Bathwater was let out

9. I preach SPF! I will happily embrace my British Heritage and channel a Vampire to prove my point that SPF is King

10. I have a degree in International Communication, with a Master’s course in Professional Writing, and a Certificate IV in Fashion Business Management

5 items I cant live without:

- My Car

- La Prairie Cellular Time Release Moisturiser

- My Celine Sunglasses

- Cetaphil UVA/UVB SPF 30+ Defence Moisturiser

- Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

Watch out for this girl, she'll be covering the all-you-need to know in Sydney + the latest beauty news in the New Year. And don't forget to check out her blog for all your health & beauty needs.


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